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New Beginnings

As we come to the end of July and the beginning of August we look to new beginnings. We begin to think on the end of Summer and the beginning of the school year. People will look to finish up vacations and then begin to bring together school supplies. The key idea for us is to wonder how can we as a Church use these things to introduce people to Christ?

Image Courtesy of Deposit Photos.

As Christians our first focus should be on our worship of God and His Son Jesus, but almost as important is how do we introduce people to the Jesus we know and love. We can use any method in our thoughts and minds to tell people in any way that might interest people and especially that interacts in their daily lives.

How do we do this? We have to break out of our traditions and ideas that this is the only way we do these things. The way people live their lives and their interests change from year to year and we have to find ways to introduce people to Jesus in any way possible.

Jesus became human to show us the way! What could be more radical than God becoming human? Let us take the same way of Jesus and go above and beyond what we have done in the past to reach people and do even more today.

The love of Christ never changes but the way we tell people that Jesus loves them can and does. How are we involved in telling others about Jesus? How do we do more? Let us never stop trying as long as there is one that has not met our Savior!

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